Hi I am Dominc Costa I am in the micro economy class We are selling engraved bricks because our school really need a gymnaisium. 

 My name is Rayne and I’m in LowCo Bricks. LowCo Bricks sells engraved bricks so we can raise money to build a gym. Our school really needs a gym, because we don’t have anywhere else for P.E.  The price of our bricks range from $25-$150. The bricks we sell are for memorial purposes. And we are going to put them in our school walkway. Our goal is to raise at least $35,000. Can you please buy a brick to help us reach our goal?

Hello, my name is Julia. I am in 7th grade at Lowcountry Montessori School and I am glad to be helping raise money for a school gym in our business class. The reason I chose this class is because I would like to practice speaking persuasively instead of just putting my thoughts on paper. And I can learn to do so with business pitches. It’s so much fun!

My name is Page Finnen I'm in this class because i want to help raise money to build the gym becuase we have a problem and its called obesety, in order to fix this issue we will need a gym.

Im Norah a 7th grader in the business class. My peers and i currently selling engraved bricks to the supporters of our shcool. I volunteered to join this eletive because I thought I could start a successful bissness like my family members.

Hello my name is Aleksandr Kobrynich, I am the president of the micro economy class of 2017-2018, i joined this class to be able to sell things I have always had a love for business and I thought this would be a fun class and I was most definetely correct 

My name is Clayton VandeBurgt I am 13 years of age and i’m in 8th grade and i’m also apart of the marketing team for the business class of Lowcountry Montessori. I am also the mascot, Bricky The Brick.

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© copyrights to lowcountrymontessori school and LowcoBricks
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